Dropped your phone or tablet? Maybe even in the water? Or has your phone broken due to wear and tear or some other reason? Super frustrating! At Telefoonhuis we understand better than anyone that you want to get your phone fixed as quickly as possible. That is why we can always do this within 24 hours and your phone is often ready the same day!

With more than 20 years of experience, we are the right place to get your phone repaired in Beverwijk and the surrounding area. Call or send us a message right away to get an immediate price quote for your broken phone. Or come and visit us in our shop!

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Discover the advantages of having your phone repaired at Telefoonhuis

  • We repair all mobile phones and tablets.
  • All repairs are possible!
  • Always repaired within 24 hours, often the same day.
  • We only use original parts: best quality
  • Replacement device possible.
  • Repairs always with data retention.
  • Over 20 years experience.
  • Competent, honest and transparent.
  • No cure no pay!

Professional, fast and affordable

Telefoonhuis has been the place to go for professional phone and tablet repairs in Beverwijk for 20 years. Whatever happens to your mobile phone or tablet, we make sure that you can use it again as soon as possible! This always starts with a quick and free diagnosis. We analyse exactly what is going on and what is needed to repair the phone.

We can fix minor issues such as a cracked screen, a worn connector or a faulty battery on the same day. But we can also quickly fix other problems, such as a phone that no longer turns on, charges or has no sound.

Can my phone or tablet be repaired?

In most cases we can easily repair your phone, but sometimes the cost can be very high and it would be wiser to buy a new phone. In this case we will give you honest advice.

All repairs are usually completed within 24 hours and don't worry, your data will not be lost. You can also borrow a replacement phone from us, so you never have to be without a phone!

Contact us or visit us with your phone in Beverwijk

Would you like to have your phone or tablet repaired today by the specialists in Beverwijk? Contact us directly or visit our shop in the centre. You will have a perfectly functioning phone or tablet within 24 hours. We promise!

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Broken phone? Interested in a new phone or tablet? Want to buy a phone and/or subscription for your business? Or do you have a question about anything else? Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form. Urgent? Then call us on the number below and it will be faster!

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